Lord Leveson is said to have mixed feelings about the new inquiry

Cameron calls for Leveson Inquiry Inquiry

Lord Leveson is said to have mixed feelings about the new inquiry

Lord Leveson is said to have mixed feelings about the new inquiry

In the wake of Lord Leveson’s findings from a year-long independent inquiry, PM David Cameron has called for an immediate inquiry to find out why he reached a conclusion that the government didn’t support.

“There are vital questions that need answering, like ‘Why do politicians repeatedly call for inquiries only to then completely ignore their recommendations?’” asked Cameron in a rousing speech to Parliament. “And why has holding lengthy inquiries become a default response to any situation? That’s why, in response to this situation, I’ve called a full in-depth inquiry to report in 2014.”

The announcement of the inquiry comes after growing calls for an investigation into the practices and ethics of Lord Leveson. “Over the course of the last year, he’s had personal meetings with essentially everyone in politics and the media,” commented Hugh Grant or Steve Coogan. “He even met with the Murdochs – on several occasions! That sort of unparalleled access and influence needs to be looked into.”

Lord Leveson has flatly denied that his recent report constitutes an attempt to directly influence government policy, pointing out that its central recommendation was immediately rejected by David Cameron, thus rendering the millions spent on the inquiry a huge waste of money.

Concerns have also been raised about the regulation of the Lord Justice, with critics pointing out that his final report was entirely self-regulated. “Can we really trust Lord Leveson to regulate himself?” asked one campaigner. “He’s got an obvious vested interest in being unbiased and relying on evidence, unlike the newspaper industry. Also, he seems to know a suspicious amount about phone hacking.”

The Leveson Inquiry Inquiry will be headed by Lord Leveson.

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