Ledger at the centre of his blossoming media empire

Aspiring Twitter celebrity breaks 40-follower milestone

Ledger at the centre of his blossoming media empire

Ledger at the helm of his blossoming media empire

Having lingered at 39 Twitter followers for two months, London recruitment consultant Jim Ledger gained two additional followers late yesterday evening, making him “pretty well known on the internet” according to his own estimations. Ledger, 28, from Bermondsey, opened his account, @Jim_TheLedge, in August 2012, and since then it has been steadily going viral with family, colleagues and assorted spambots.

Ledger finds Twitter to be the ideal outlet for incisive personal responses to the happenings of the day, and he also posts some tweets of his own. “If that Caitlin Moran woman can make a living just by telling people what she thinks, then so can I,” he commented, “I’m on 41 followers now. Once I reach 50, I’m quitting my job to be a full-time social-media trendsetter!” Sample tweets from @Jim_TheLedge include “I am watching The Voice,” “Feel like getting some Chinese food! #takeaway” and “@piersmorgan Love your show! Don’t ever stop!”.

“The great thing about Twitter is that you’re connected to the world,” said Ledger brightly, watching everyone else conversing freely whilst ignoring him. “Hang on a minute – I’ve got a direct message! Brilliant! I’ve been looking for some cheap Canadian meds!”

Ledger believes he has what it takes to make it to the top of the Twitter game and beyond. “You know what they say, right? First Twitter, then the White House! I mean… I’m British, so technically I can’t actually run for President, and so I’ll never really get to be in the White House. But, if I can just keep my Klout score nice and low, anything’s possible!”

“I did doubt myself for a while there, but these new followers have reminded me I have something valuable to say. They love me!” he grinned, sitting back and watching for 7 whole silent minutes whilst nobody favourited or retweeted anything he had said.

At the time of going to print @Jim_TheLedge had lost 7 followers when Ledger misguidedly attempted an edgy tweet about religion.

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