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7 Pictures Of Fancy Spoons Or Something Because That’s All You Deserve

1. Spoon


Whether eating at a high-end restaurant or just kicking back with a bowl of cereal, spoons are central to the modern eating experience. This sterling silver serving spoon isn’t much like the ones in the drawers of the fetid flat you share with people you despise!

2. Spoon


You could have done something with your life. You could’ve been an inventor, a parent, a thinker, but you’re staring at pixels in the shape of this exquisite French dessert spoon, dating back to the late 19th Century. It’s a nice spoon, but why here? Why now?

3. Spoon


You had absinthe on a spoon once. You were nineteen. It marked the start of a spiral of which you’re yet to see the bottom. Seeking professional help isn’t an admission of weakness, but shows you have the strength to face up to your vices.

4. Melon baller


Melon Baller

This elegant melon baller isn’t technically a spoon, but since you’ve contributed so little to the world, we don’t feel bad about short-changing you.

5. Spoon


This solid silver mustard spoon is the highlight of your day. You’ll keep scrolling in the hope the next will be even better. But even if it is, what then? There’s only seven pictures here. The title was clear on that. We can’t prop you up forever.

6. Spoon


See? You still feel alone. This isn’t even about spoons any more, is it? You’re scrolling because you feel you must. Only scrolling  takes the pain away. Only scrolling can make you forget.

7. Spoon

Old Spoons

Spoons date back to the ancient Egyptians, and were often made of ivory or even wood.

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