Hundreds of bodies found buried near church

Helen-McCourt-2459982Police have cordoned off St Mary’s church near Prestwich after the grisly discovery of hundreds of bodies – some in extremely advanced stages of decomposition – buried around the grounds.

Police have refused to confirm or deny the actions of a serial killer, although eyewitness reports indicate that there was “definitely a ritual aspect” to the burials; victims were stored in wooden boxes and their resting places marked with stone slabs.

“We’re dealing with a real sicko here,” said DI Arlon Matthews at a press conference. “Whoever did this must have been at it for years. Men, women… there are even children here. Jesus.”

At the time of press, all 343 bodies had been exhumed and thrown into the sea and reports of hundreds of other possible mass burial sites were flooding in to the police hotline.

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