Ed Sheeran arrested for drag racing tractors in Grimsby


Pop singer Ed Sheeran has been released on £30 bail today after his arrest for racing tractors through residential Grimsby on Thursday.

Sheeran, who had reportedly drunk upwards of one pint of Old Rosie before climbing onto the tractor, is said to have bombarded police with a torrent of polite acquiescence upon being confronted. The driver of the other tractor, who was also apprehended, has since been revealed to be fellow musician and Radio 2 favourite Jamie Cullum. Police allegedly found a can of Special Brew and a bottle of non-prescription mouthwash in the glove compartment of Sheeran’s tractor, while rumours that the pair may have been smoking Marlboro Reds have yet to be confirmed.

Sheeran waved to his one fan after he was released on bail this afternoon.

The official police report has indicated that he and Cullum were drag racing a pair of green John Deere farm vehicles on a quiet street in the Weeping Willows suburb of Grimsby, while their parked Ford Fiestas blocked traffic. The report said the singer “had slow deliberate movements” and a look of “stupor” when an officer told him to step out of the tractor, a claim that has been refuted by Sheeran’s barrister. “He always looks like that”.

Grimsby Police estimated they were driving at 12mph in a 30mph zone – flanked by semi-detached houses, a sixth form college, and a multi-purpose sport pitch.

“Ed Sheeran is a hugely influential role-model for young people, I imagine,” said Police Chief Maurice Barclay. “And kids seeing this will think that tractor drag racing with Jamie Cullum is an acceptable way to behave. Somebody could have been killed or, at the very least, mildly inconvenienced.”

This incident follows a hefty littering fine the 22-year old received late last year. Sheeran was unavailable for comment.

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