"Then again, what if this is the dream and eating my own fingers was real life?"

Content of man’s dreams prove interesting to all in office

"Then again, what if this is the dream and eating my own fingers was real life?"

“Then again, what if this is the dream and eating my own fingers for lunch was real life?”

The offices of Mitchell and Roberts Accountants ground to a halt this afternoon while the entire staff sat entranced by one man recalling the contents of his dreams.

“It’s widely known that there’s nothing better than hearing about other people’s dreams at great length,” commented office manager Sarah Mantle. “And the way Henry tells them is beautiful. Each one is a little microcosmic adventure starring him – our good friend Henry! Sometimes even us work colleagues make an appearance! I’m always on the edge of my seat, even before we get around to discussing what on earth each dream could mean.”

“Sometimes office bores will try to bring up current affairs, recent tragedies that have actually befallen their family or some other tedious crap that is only of interest to them,” said Reza Shaheed, finance director. “It makes you want to scream ‘What is wrong with you? What makes you think anyone has the right to monopolise the conversation when Henry is at hand to describe the nightmare he had when he was doing his tax return wearing a green sweater.’”

Pete, head of HR was in agreement: “Remember that one where he dreamed that he was sleeping!? That one’s a classic and it made you think. Or when he poured semi-skimmed milk in his tea instead of skimmed. Man, that was a good day.”

“The worst part of my day is when the story eventually ends and we all have to get back to work. You can almost hear the entire office crying inwardly “Oh! Go on! Tell us another one! We will put in the extra time at the end of the day. Please, Henry, please! Do, do go on…”

Henry’s dream journal is expected to be published in the summertime with a bidding war currently ongoing between all major publishing houses.

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