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UN gives North Korea 1 star review on TripAdvisor

north korea
The UN dramatically stepped up its condemnation of North Korea yesterday by giving it the lowest possible rating on TripAdvisor. The online slating, which has been branded as ‘highly provocative’ by the North Korean government, is seen as one of the most serious sanctions the UN can impose.

“Stayed here for a weekend back in November. The staff were cold and unfriendly, the public transport was antiquated and frequently late, food is terrible and 65% of the adult male population is in concentration camps,” writes the UN in a review that 8 out of 17 readers have agreed with.

“On the plus side, the streets were very clean and our tour guide never left our side. If we had to make one recommendation it would be not drowning an infant in front of us. It’s probably a cultural thing but comes across as hostile.”

Despite the UN’s submission, the country’s overall average remains high, with 24.7 million positive reviews featuring comments such as “this country and its leader are both highly recommended, death to USA!” and “I wasn’t tortured into writing this”.

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