"Its like the Sun thinks the world revolves around him."

Inequality rising in solar system with Sun now having 99% of matter

"It's like the Sun thinks the world revolves around it."

“It’s like the Sun thinks the world revolves around it.”

Shocking statistics released today show that the sun has a greater share of the matter in the solar system than all planets combined by a factor of almost 100.

“This is a direct result of the formation of the solar system and the unfair gravity distribution which allows already high massing bodies to accumulate more and more of the mass,” commented astrophysicist Anna Russell. “What we need is a more progressive fundamental force of nature that is not so influenced by the square of the distance between bodies.”

Despite being just one of nine or ten major bodies in the region the Sun has grown to contain nearly all the mass through a series of hostile mergers stretching back to the region’s origin. Today’s news is especially worrying for planets such as Mercury and Earth who are expected to be absorbed by the hydrogen fusion super-star sometime in the next 7.6 billion years.

However, critics worry that this report is overly focused on the Sun and that real issue to be concerned about is Dark Matter. Rob Davis, a resident of Earth, was one of many to publicly voice concerns: “Where is this matter? How is it being used and what does it mean for our solar system? There’s absolutely no accountability.”

“Sure, there’s evidence of it, yet it has no positive effect on the smaller, harder working astronomical bodies such as Earth,” Davis continued. “It’s absolutely ludicrous that we are subject to its machinations in this day and age.”

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