‘Gay Disabled Gypsies Who Eat On Tubes’ group is art, claims creator


GDGWEOT is completely different from the unoriginal ‘Women Who Eat On Tubes’ group.

The admin of the popular ‘Gay Disabled Gypsies Who Eat On Tubes’ (GDGWEOT) Facebook group, where people upload photos of gay disabled gypsies in the act of eating on the tube, has defended the group as ‘observational art’ in the face of criticism.

“Gay disabled gypsies are embraced and cherished,” the group’s description claims. “We celebrate and encourage gay disabled gypsies eating food on tubes. We do not marginalise them. We always look for the story in the picture. The picture of a gay disabled gypsy.”

“It’s just a completely random choice – our art exists free of societal pressures and power structures,” said member Baxter Bristow, when asked why the group exclusively focused on gay disabled gypsies. “If you want to post pictures of non-disabled straight non-gypsies, make your own group.”

“Anyway, some gay disabled gypsies have uploaded their own pictures and commented, so that means it must be OK, right?” he added.

Some critics of the group have claimed that it risks adding to prejudice and marginalisation, but this has been strongly rebutted with reasoned arguments by GDGWEOT supports. Algy Forster, a defender of the group, argued persuasively that one critic should “chill and try to not be such a faggot, ok you spaccy headed cunt if i see you on the street i swear i will rek u”.

“Banter,” he added. “Banter.”

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