Tube workers late for strike

“We apologise for the delay in causing your delays.”

London Underground employees expressed frustration this morning as they were unable to arrive at the strike they were putting on due to widespread disruption on the tube.

“I was just trying to get into the office to make sure the Northern Line was shut down,” commented London Underground Controller Mike Turpin, “But I ended up having to walk into work all the way from Caledonian Road because the Northern Line was completely shut down. Utter nightmare.”

“I knew there was a strike set to happen this morning due to the fact that I was taking part in it, but I didn’t realise how much it would affect my morning commute,” said Sean Hurson, a driver on the Central line. “I guess you just get so used to the tube being there that you take it for granted.”

RMT staff were hopeful that their commute home from the strike would be less affected by the strike action. “I think Boris was planning on putting on more buses, or something.  Thank God he’s got it more or less under control.”

At time of press, some passengers were complaining about being forced to delay their own commutes due to tube workers running late.

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