Scrabble condemned for use of ‘N-word’


Games company Hasbro has been forced into a dramatic recall of the board game Scrabble after it was discovered that copies of the game included all the letters needed to form the racist ‘N-word’.

The offending word – recently made famous by the film Twelve Years A Slave – has been reported by families worldwide, with Hasbro suggesting a disgruntled former employee may be to blame for the insertion of the rogue letters.

“I was playing a nice board game with my father”, said Amy Blackwell, a mother of two. “Suddenly, he played the word that began with N and ended in R. You know, the one Jeremy Clarkson said? I’m amazed that games companies are allowed to be so racist in 2014.”

“Later my daughter came to me and asked if I knew what ‘felching’ was. She’s 6 years old, for crying out loud. Every time she plays that game with her grandad, she learns more disgusting words. Everyone at Hasbro has to resign.”

Hasbro are still believed to be sizing up the scale of the problem, but researchers have found that Scrabble could easily contain words as unprintable and disgusting as “shart”, “dildo” and “cumpuppet” – the latter even being encouraged by the game, as it is likely to attract a 50-point bonus for using all tiles on a rack.

“We all knew this day would come”, said an employee on condition of anonymity. “The jig is up.”

At press time, Hasbro were preparing to release a new edition of Scrabble containing 150 vowels and no other letters, explaining that “it’s the only way to really be safe”.

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