‘Boiling Water Challenge’ seeks to raise awareness of gullibility


A new challenge is rapidly spreading on Facebook which encourages people to pour boiling water over themselves to raise awareness about the pitfalls of blindly following internet trends.

“This has been a great success. We wanted everyone in the country to be more aware of the horrific injuries that result from doing a ‘challenge’ because everybody else is doing it,” said Graham Till, Chairman of leading viral charity Around The Trend. “By the end of the month everyone will know someone personally affected by horrific boiling water injuries, it’s a sensation!”

Facebook user and frequent challenge-partaker Daryl Holt explained, “This is the third or fourth one I’ve done so far. As per, I thought it would be another fantastic opportunity to show the world just how caring I am, so it’s great that in doing so, I have also helped raise awareness of gullibility. I would definitely recommend the challenge to all my friends.”

With huge organisations such as Audi, Pringles and Vans getting on board, over £7,000,000 in funds have been raised for Facebook.

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