Ebola goes viral


Ebola, the life-threatening disease, has gone viral this week according to multiple sources across social media. The hot new fever is reported to be trending across multiple West African countries, racking up thousands of mentions online and in real life.

“Ebola is totally catching on right now,” reported E! Online this morning. “We hear it’s being shared by thousands of people all the way from Africa to America – talk about a global phenomenon! We can’t wait to see where Ebola gets to next – look out for it in your home town any time soon.”

“My source is telling me that it’s transmitted through bodily fluids,” commented Lulu Wa, a fashion blogger from New York. “How sexy is that!”

The Ebola meme was reportedly started by an anonymous user on 4Chan a few months ago, who commented ‘lol jk if there waz virus that killd millions [sic]‘. Other users of the influential message board piled in with suggestions, and now Ebola looks set to sweep throughout the modern world and potentially end civilisation as we know it.

Hundreds of offices across West Africa are releasing their own versions of the meme on YouTube, with a normal office scene turning into hilarious anarchy when the bass line drops, at which point employees start dancing manically in fancy dress before dying a slow, agonising death.

“I’m just jealous it got to Spain before here,” added Wa. “How about Ebola por favor, muchas gracias señores!”

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