Man avoids awkward silence with awkward conversation

library-headphonesFaced with the prospect of a painful enduring silence, 23-year old Darren Murphy recently took the bold decision to engage with old school friend Jessica Worthington, after eye contact-induced facial signalling confirmed suspicions of previous vocal exchanges.

After removing sunglasses to signify dialogue, Murphy was immediately faced with the prospect of visibly showing his disinterest in Worthington, whilst at the same time opening up a wealth of opportunities for making a complete dick out of himself.

Speaking candidly about his experience, the 23-year old explained, “I just had to keep thinking of things to say. I thought about bringing up something I saw her post on Facebook a while back, but I wasn’t sure if that would be weird or not, so I mumbled something about her shoes instead.”

Whilst normally Murphy is adept at using his smartphone as a barrier for impending social interactions, on this occasion he claims he was caught off guard. “It was terrible. I’m definitely going to have to download some more apps to prevent me from accidentally making eye contact with any other people I used to know”.

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