Soldiers returning from Afghanistan to be monitored for signs of radicalisation

Police are said to be closely monitoring around 300 British citizens who have recently returned to the UK after spending some time in Afghanistan.

“There are worrying reports that these men and women were in a military training camp in Helmand province for extended periods,” said a Met Spokesperson. “We also have information that they developed close ‘working relationships’ with the local population while in regions that are known to harbour terrorists.”

There are fears in the intelligence community that since the war in Afghanistan is once again becoming more violent that those travelling from the country to the UK may be seeking to extend the war’s reach.

“We appeal to all British parents. If you suspect your children are being groomed by an organisation calling itself ‘the British Army’ please contact the authorities,” said a Birmingham based community leader. “They may be promised a career, skills and an opportunity to see the world, but they will be put to use by heartless leaders that don’t care about their survival. Everybody has a responsibility to rid our society of this menace.”

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