Publisher of Middle East atlases in state of devastating uncertainty


Mapmaking in simpler times

Middle East cartographers are currently suffering a period of devastating uncertainty due to the region’s ongoing humanitarian catastrophe which has left the working lives of many mapmakers in a state of ruin.

“I’m not saying it’s the most important consequence of the fighting,” said maker of maps Bernard Mayweather, gazing ruefully at his latest drafts, which sport an indecipherable mass of penciled revisions on the Iraqi-Syrian border. “But from our point of view, many of these cartographers will never be able to return to their career specialism, their lives will never be the same again.”

“Back when I first got into this business Sykes-Picot made our job a walk in the park.  It used to be all straight lines from the “e” in Acre to the last “k” in Kirkuk, back then by god the right people made the maps.”

“But this latest round of sectarian bloodletting hits those who always suffer in circumstances like these: the cartographers.”

“I mean, if an ISIS caliphate is what it takes to get back to business… I mean, I´m just saying,” Mayweather concluded in a low mutter.


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