Islam is not a race therefore it’s not racist to say kill all Muslims


If you’re aware of the Islamist threat to our fair island nation, then it’s safe to assume that you’ve been called a “racist” at some point or other. But the rebuke is simple: Islam is a religion, not a race, and for that reason it’s fine to recommend that we kill the whole Muslim population of the world.

I’m continually exasperated by those PC thought policemen (police “officers”, I mean!) who view my solid and practicable blueprint for religious extermination as an indicator of bigotry on my part. How bad have things got when you can’t even recommend the butchering of a group of over a billion people, based on their religious and cultural identity, without being conflated with those who would recommend very similar policies based on ethnic identity?

How many times do I need to say it – it’s Muslims I hate, not Pakis per se! A sentiment which, I think we can agree, fits squarely within the tradition of people like Martin Luther King. And that’s another thing – almost no Muslims are black, so go figure, liberals! Some are, of course – but if anything, Somalis are probably the ones I marginally despise the least, so there.

It just shows that the liberal elite know they’ve been rumbled. The fact that they need to smear my theologically-motivated murderous hatred by tying it to other people’s genetically-motivated murderous hatred goes to show how morally bankrupt they are.

Deep down, they realise that nuking the Middle East, Pakistan, North Africa and Indonesia – areas comprising a broad range of ethnicities, I might add! – is just common sense.

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