Sony cancels release of North Korea comedy after threats from James Franco


The Christmas release of ‘The Interview’ has been cancelled by Sony Pictures after a sustained campaign of threats and violence from a megalomaniacal egotist with a dangerous personality cult who claims the film portrays him in a bad light: James Franco.

While it had previously been assumed the comedy about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un was targeted by North Korea, Franco has admitted that he started the whole campaign because he wasn’t happy with the way his acting was treated by the final edit.

“I am the greatest actor in the world,” said Franco. “Not to mention a published novelist, poet, and director. This film makes a mockery of my prodigious and divine talents and it must be destroyed.”

The actor revealed that he was responsible for the mass hacking of Sony’s computer systems where personal details of thousands of members of staff were leaked. “And the anonymous group of vigilantes ‘Guardians of Peace’? That’s just me and my laptop,” said Franco. “I picked up some computer skills in breaks on set.”

“I’m not saying that imitating the work of several hundred elite North Korean hackers was easy,” he added. “But compared to juggling multiple creative roles while simultaneously being the face of Gucci’s men’s fragrance line? You bet.”

“Let’s not forget that at one point I was simultaneously enrolled in four separate graduate programmes at the same time, solely on the merit of my superior intelligence and completely unconnected from my huge star status. I’m James Franco.”

Kim Jong-un has reportedly seen ‘The Interview’ and enjoyed it. “Although this ‘James Franco’ is a completely unbelievable character,” added the North Korean dictator. “How could anyone that insane have so much power?”

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