Paul McCartney thanks Kanye for giving him his big break


Little known musician Paul McCarthy has today thanked Kanye West for getting the opportunity to collaborate with the global superstar. Titled ‘Only One’, this latest single from the hip-hop giant features the aging Liverpudlian McCartny on keyboard and is already gaining huge traction online.

“I’ve been a struggling musician for over 50 years now and I’m just so happy that someone has finally given me a chance,” said the frail, old man. “I mostly play on my guitar and sometimes do a bit of piano on the side, so it was really overwhelming for me to watch a real musical genius in action. It’s a lot more exciting than selling my veggies at the local farmers market let me tell you that!”

The unknown crooner continued, “As someone who struggles with singing I was really interested in this autotune technology he was using. I can see now that you need to be a really talented person to use it without ruining your music. No wonder this man is revered as a god. Yeezus indeed!”

Kanye West was his usual modest self when explaining why he decided to pluck MacCarty from obscurity. “I was searching last.fm to find some of the really unknown musicians, y’know, the ones only hipsters know about. Then I found this Paul guy and he only had like a faction of the hits that I have, so I thought ‘Fuck it’ let’s give him a shot!”

Fans of Kanye are delighted with the results. “He’s constantly innovating and changing the game by taking risks and that’s why we love him,” says Josh Osmond. “Usually he’ll take songs from the past and make them better with more drums and lyrics about cars and private planes but this time he took an actual person from the past and did the same thing! This McCarnie guy knows nothing about being world famous and it’s going to blow his mind.”

Mr McCarnety (72) told Underground Magazine he once collaborated with the late John Lennon in the mid 60’s though we have been unable to confirm this claim.

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