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American Sniper finally shows Iraq War from American perspective

totally awesome

“What if the Americans were the good guys all along?”

For too long the cinema going public have been looking for a movie that boils the complex Iraq conflict down to a good guys vs bad guys narrative that you can cheer along with. For those of you looking for that fresh take on the Iraq war, look no further than American Sniper.

Super depressing discussions about global politics and the morality of extraordinary rendition and torture have really taken the sheen off the glamour of war recently. Sometimes you just have to shut your brain off for a couple of hours and have all your opinions based formed for you by a rabble rousing blockbuster.

People seem to be always talking about how over a million Iraqis were killed but nobody until now has though to make a movie about how cool it was for some guys who got to kill loads of Muslims and not get arrested. Or killed. Or PTSD.

Bradley Cooper has been nominated for an Academy Award for his stirring portrayal of a man shooting a big gun in a hot country. “It really makes you think about the important questions you know?” said a judging panel member. “Like, was the gun really that big? How amazing was it to fire with all the badass computer technology? This is really what the public needs to finally come to terms with this conflict.”

There are some people who have argued that film could have been too pro-American at times and who worry it might be shocking for a public used to movies harshly criticising American foreign policy.

Director Clint Eastwood has even been defending himself from accusations of producing propaganda. “American Sniper is the story of a real American Sniper who really did kill a whole bunch of Iraqi’s. If telling the truth in a selective way that glamorises a war and justifies it being fought is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.”

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