Controversial reality series Leadership Debates due to return later this year

This year’s characters


A controversial programme focusing on the fortunes of a group of people suffering from a rare condition known as “political party leader”, or PPL, will return to our screens later this year after a five year break, broadcasters announced.

The series was roundly criticised upon its initial airing in 2010 for its meandering plot, lack of editing, and bland characters. Executive Producer Geoff Michaels said “we’ve listened to people’s concerns and have added new characters and exotic locations, like Wales. This is exactly the type of show that British audiences have been crying out for and we’re hoping it will run and run.”

The series, with a new working title of The Undebatables, will also feature characters brought to public attention on other shows including awkward teenager Ed Miliband and beer enthusiast Nigel Farage.

Some have argued that the show will be exploiting sufferers of an unfortunate disease and will unfairly shift attention onto their physical appearance rather than their personalities. “These poor people can’t help the problems they have and just want a decent shot at life like the rest of us” said mental health campaigner Alison Jackson. “To put obviously troubled people in front of a national audience and expect them to do anything other than embarrass themselves is unfair.”

Many are upset that the show will not feature former PPL sufferer Alex Salmond who has been clear of the disease since the summer. Salmond, a cult favourite, previously contracted an extremely intense version of the condition known as “SNP syndrome” which leaves the infected unable to talk or think about anything other than Scotland.

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