Greek economy still struggling despite election of Syriza


Despite all the promises made by Syriza during the election, Greeks have still woken up today with their economy in tatters and the future looking bleak. Commentators are saying the government needs to admit that their policies just aren’t working and return at once to the tried and tested austerity programme.

“The fact of the matter is the economy has contracted 25% over the past 5 years and youth unemployment is at an all time high of 60%,” said Antonis Samaras. “The government need to take responsibility for their failed experiments of the past few hours and stop blaming everything on previous governments.”

Angela Merkel was quick to make her opinions known. “Obviously Germany respects the democratic will of the Greek people but even they have to admit that this radical new departure hasn’t worked,” said the German Chancellor. “Economies can crash in an instant and they should be regrown in the same amount of time. Now if you promise to be good little southerners we’ll talk about selling you some firewood for your hovels with very reasonable refinancing.”

“What the Greek economy needs now is a dose of austerity combined with the selling off of massive amounts of publicly owned resources,” said Christine LaGarde of the IMF. “If this plan is followed by Greece then we can guarantee the economy will return to growth by 2010.”

However, people on the streets of Athens seemed unphased by the government’s glacial progress claiming that more time was needed. We did manage to talk to one sensible man who was ready for change. “A radical left party was never going to deliver financial stability,” said the man who wished to remain anonymous. “What this country needs is a new dawn. One with the brightness of a precious metal.”

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