Excellent support for youself, your mug, or your glass

Self-help book used as coaster

Excellent support for youself, your mug, or your glass

Excellent support for yourself, your mug, or your glass

A guide to boosting self-confidence and efficiency has been primarily used to help Bermondsey resident Michael Green avoid staining his bedside table. The book, ‘A New You: A Step-By-Step Guide To Transforming Yourself’, has remained by Green’s bed for a number of weeks with a bookmark nestled between the 11th and 12th pages of the ‘Introduction’ section.

Evidence suggests that very little, if any, self-help has taken place since the item’s initial purchase on January 2nd. While Green’s piece of pine-finished IKEA furniture has certainly received a new lease of life thanks to the book, his own approach to living has remained more or less exactly the same.

In a statement directed towards himself via his bathroom mirror, Green said that he had not had time to read the book in question since starting back at work, eventually admitting, “It’s not like I don’t want to transform myself and become a better person, it’s just that I also want to avoid getting ring marks on the table. I need to prioritise buying a proper coaster. Then I can focus on me.”

Green went on to suggest to himself that even having coaster at all was a step in the right direction and that perhaps simply being near the book was somehow having an effect.

He closed his statement to himself by saying, “Tomorrow. I’m going to read it tomorrow. Right after I get back from the gym.”


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