Cameron: “In many ways, fighting the deficit is exactly like fighting the Nazis”


In a speech today which drew a series of parallels between deficit reduction and the Third Reich, David Cameron paid tribute to Winston Churchill by explaining how he was just like him.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t draw inspiration from the amazing leaders of this country who have gone before me,” said Mr Cameron.  “And If Churchill were alive today, he would agree that task of tackling the deficit is basically the equivalent of him winning the Second World War.”

“We both had huge tasks ahead of us when we entered government.” Cameron argued. “He had the Blitz, and I had the problem of housing benefits for the unemployed. But did he let his problems get the better of him ? No. And neither will I.” Mr Cameron then vowed to cut all housing benefits for the under 21’s.

“We both had difficult decisions to make,” he continued. “Should Churchill have sunk the French fleet to prevent it falling into Hitler’s hands? Should I have attempted to sell all the state owned forests? Only time will tell.”

“Churchill had trouble with Europe, and in pretty much the exact same way so do I,” the PM added. “When he strove to free Europeans from the perils of the Third Reich, he was really fighting against a different kind of oppressive Human Rights Legislation.”

“It’s a bit like I’m in the trenches now,” Cameron said. “Who’s that over there, helping a wounded soldier he knows is a lost cause? Oh, it’s Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.”

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