Kevin Spacey takes 6 point lead over Conservatives and Labour in new poll

“I will have satisfaction and you’re reading this in my voice, aren’t you?”

A new Ipsos MORI poll released this morning shows the UK election race is heating up with American actor Kevin Spacey overtaking both the Conservative and Labour parties after a strong weekend of campaigning.

“What we need is less party politics and more of one man in charge of everything,” said Andy Hurrey from Newcastle. “A man who looks good in a suit and isn’t afraid to kill people who get in his way. Basically a Farage with more balls. Even if you don’t agree with him on every policy you have to admire his panache in doing it.”

Although he is not on the ballot in any constituency a stunning 76% of people polled have indicated they intend to vote for the House of Cards star as a write-in candidate on May 7th.

Members of the public who have are certain they will vote for Mr Spacey say they are aware that he is not actually a politician and merely plays one on TV. “Of course I know all his lines are written for him. How is that any different to Miliband or Cameron?” said Safia Collins. “At least he speaks with some conviction and he knows how to get things done. A good authentic American accent during PMQs would make a nice change too.”

It is currently estimated that Mr Spacey may win as many as 312 seats in the House of Commons meaning he will likely need the support of a minor party to form a government. Though he declined to comment for this article Spacey has previous indicated his approval for Natalie Bennett though he added, “she could use some training on dealing with difficult journalists.”

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