About Underground Magazine

Opiate of the masses.

Barbituate of the masses.

Underground Magazine is London’s only satirical free-sheet. You may have seen our physical manifestation on the underground, often under poorly made placards proclaiming “Free Satire”. We have no political stance – we are equally interested in satirizing any and all who do or don’t deserve it in politics and the media. Our first issue was released in March 2012 and each print run reaches around 34,000 people.

Physical copies of Underground Magazine have a limited run but you can download all previous copies online. If you want to get your hands on a copy next time around keep up to date on this website, on the usual social media outlets or just listen out for London erupting in laughter, for all of a nanosecond. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the week’s top headlines straight to your inbox.

If you want to advertise with Underground Magazine, join the team as a writer or contact us for any other reason, then see the contact page for the right email address to get in touch with. For all other enquiries, burning questions or angry e-mails you don’t know who to force upon, get in touch at: hello@undergroundmgzn.com